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Case study: Code Division and Ukrainian refugee Polina

Code Division are a non-profit social enterprise dedicated to combating digital inequality by providing high-quality skills programmes to underserved communities. Since March 2020, we have delivered inclusive digital programs to over 650 learners across Scotland. We recently delivered SQA accredited Data Courses to 120 learners across Southeast Scotland and the Tayside Region. 77.5% of these […]

Case study: Service Design Academy – Service Design for Data Professionals

Data and service design work together closely.  Data analysis and insights inform service design decisions around people – their behaviour, preferences, and needs. At the same time service design can be used to design processes that capture relevant user information to improve products, services and experiences. Learning more about how data and design work together […]

Skills Development Scotland Digital Economy Guide

Designed to help people better understand what we mean by the term “digital economy” and provide guidance on the types of careers within the digital economy this guide highlights the practical support available to enhance digital skills. The Skills Development Scotland Digital Economy Skills and Careers guide can be accessed here.  

Tay Cities Region Digital Skills project to host launch event

The Tay Cities Digital Skills project hosted a launch event on Tuesday 7 November to debate the world of digital skills and collaborative work across business, education, the third and public sectors to meet the digital skills needs of the Tay Cities Region. The event took place at Abertay University, Dundee, with over 70 attendees from across public sector, education, business. […]

Tay Cities Digital Skills Mapping Report

Asian man in computer server room with laptop

Funded by the Scottish Government through the Tay Cities Region Deal, the Tay Cities Digital Skills project is part of a wider £20 million investment into the Tay Cities Region Deal Skills and Employability Development Programme. As part of the programme, in December 2022, the Scottish Government awarded the Digital Skills Project £1.5m of government […]

Colleges and universities join forces in Tay Cities Region Deal collaboration

Lady with brown hair wearing Google glasses in a colourful location

Colleges and universities in the Tay Cities region, and Edinburgh and South East Scotland region have joined forces to deliver the Data Education in Colleges programme. Data Education in Colleges, part of the Data Skills Gateway programme, has been running across colleges within Edinburgh and the South East for three years. Following its success, the […]

New Tay Cities Region Deal funding for travel and tourism businesses

Travel Tech Visual

Traveltech for Scotland is launching a pioneering technology initiative to support travel and tourism businesses across Angus, Dundee, North East Fife, and Perth and Kinross. This initiative is financed through the Tay Cities Region Deal Digital Skills Project. The pilot aims to assist up to 20 businesses, each receiving technology support valued at up to […]

Tay Cities Region Deal announces free digital skills courses

Black lady with laptop

The Tay Cities Digital Skills project has announced free digital skills courses for people living and working in the Tay Cities region. The Digital Skills Project is part of the £20 million Regional Skills and Employability Development Programme, funded by the Scottish Government. The project will work in collaboration with The Data Lab to help […]

Case Study: Fife College – Introduction to Data Skills for Work Bootcamp for Women Returners

Pictured, Clare learner on the Tay Cities Region Deal DigiTay funded Women into Data Science course delivered by Fife College.

In a rapidly evolving landscape where digital literacy and data skills have become integral across all sectors, the acquisition of data skills has the potential to open doors to a multitude of employment opportunities. In collaboration with the Data Skills for Work Programme, Fife College ran an Introduction to Data Skills for Work Bootcamp for […]

Case Study: CodeClan Youth Academy pilot programme for young people

Delivered in March 2023 and funded in partnership with Perth and Kinross Council, the Code Clan Youth Academy (CCYA) pilot programme was open to all young people aged 16 – 24 living in the Tay Cities Region (Perth and Kinross, Dundee, Angus, and North East Fife). The aim of the programme was to enable young […]