New Tay Cities Region Deal funding for travel and tourism businesses

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Traveltech for Scotland is launching a pioneering technology initiative to support travel and tourism businesses across Angus, Dundee, North East Fife, and Perth and Kinross.

This initiative is financed through the Tay Cities Region Deal Digital Skills Project. The pilot aims to assist up to 20 businesses, each receiving technology support valued at up to £2,000. The six-month pilot will see Traveltech for Scotland partnering with local technology experts to help businesses identify and implement the most suitable technology solutions.

The programme offers up to £30,000 in small grants for travel and tourism businesses within the Tay Cities Region. These grants will enable businesses to test new technological solutions, addressing current challenges such as staff shortages and escalating costs.

The Tay Cities Digital Skills Project is Digital Skills Project is a £1.539m investment between 2022 – 2025 as part of the £20 million, Regional Skills and Employability Development Programme, funded by the Scottish Government and forms part of the Tay Cities Region Deal.

Traveltech for Scotland, an industry-driven technology initiative headquartered at the Edinburgh Futures Institute, is leading this groundbreaking pilot. Their overarching goal is to speed up the adoption of technology within Scotland’s tourism sector. By offering both funding and hands-on assistance, the programme seeks to showcase the potential of emerging technologies. It also aims to cultivate a collaboration between businesses and tech providers in the Tay Cities region.

The ultimate objective of this pilot by Traveltech for Scotland is to provide immediate benefits to regional businesses while crafting a blueprint for nationwide implementation. The organisation harbours grand aspirations of fostering technology adoption among tourism entities of all scales and positioning Scotland as a global frontrunner in travel technology innovation.

Joshua Ryan-Saha, Director of Traveltech for Scotland, commented: “This trial offers an unparalleled chance for tourism businesses to engage with emerging technologies directly. By experimenting with the latest in AI, automation, and other tailored solutions, firms can discern which innovations will enhance productivity, reduce expenses, and elevate the customer experience before making a full investment. This initiative positions the Tay Cities region at the forefront of intelligent tech adoption, simultaneously providing a platform for tech companies to fine-tune their products based on genuine business feedback and insights.”

Cllr Grant Laing, Chair of the Tay Cities Region Deal Joint Committee, said: “Tourism is hugely important sector across the Tay Cities Region that supports businesses and employment. These grants will help our travel and tourism sector adopt new technology to help them thrive in years to come.

“This fund will help around 20 businesses across the area and I look forward to seeing some of the innovative projects that are developed because of these grants.”

Cllr Altany Craik, Fife Council, Spokesperson – Finance, Economy & Strategic Planning, said: “As part of the Tay Cities Region Deal we are committed to supporting our travel and tourism businesses across the region to thrive. These grants will enable businesses to test new technological solutions and help meet current challenges. I encourage local businesses to apply for funding to take advantage of, and realise, the opportunities available. This is just one of the initiatives forged by the Tay Cities Region Deal to develop business innovation and help drive inclusive growth.”

Further information and how to join the pilot programme:

Businesses and tourism organisations can apply to join the technology trial program by completing a brief online form found here