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DigiTay: Traveltech for Tay Cities

The Tay Cities Traveltech Testbeds initiative launches in October 2023, inviting applications from tourism and hospitality businesses across the Tay Cities region to try new technology that can help their business.

We want to help up to 20 tourism and hospitality businesses across Angus, Dundee, North East Fife and Perth and Kinross to unlock the future of tourism technology. Engage in our testbed and explore tech solutions valued up to £1.5k, tailored to combat challenges like staff shortages. If you are interested in taking part

Apply here: Tay Cities: Traveltech Testbed (typeform.com)

Visit the TravelTech for Scotland website here: https://www.traveltech.scot/project/traveltech-for-tay-cities


The business must be a tourism, travel, or hospitality organisation in the Tay Cities region (Angus, Dundee, North East Fife, and Perth and Kinross).

Be open to trialling innovative new tech.

Commit to the testbed during January to March 2024.

About the programme

We’re inviting up to 20 eligible businesses for a transformative tech experience. Over two months, you’ll access tailored demos of the latest platforms, valued up to £1.5k, curated to enhance your business and address pressing issues like staff shortages. Our team helps arrange the setup, training, and support. All we ask? Engage with the tech and share your insights.


Be the first to trial new tech innovations, without any upfront investment

Address industry challenges, especially staff shortages.

Seamlessly integrate new tech into your operations.

Apply Here


Tailored demos of the latest artificial intelligence, automation, augmented reality and operational tools, valued up to £1.5k.

We aim to provide tech solutions that help businesses tackle challenges, especially staff shortages.

Our team handles setup and support.

None. But you’ll gain insights into tools that could really help your business to find more customers or reduce costs.


Applications open for tourism/hospitality businesses to join the free tech trial programme.

Selection of participating businesses and assessment of their needs.

Matching businesses with potential tech partners.

Businesses choose tech partners and solutions for the pilot phase.

Integration and roll-out of chosen tech solutions.

Active piloting and testing of the solutions.

Continuous feedback collection and data gathering.

Comprehensive evaluation and analysis of trial outcomes.

Compilation of best practice playbooks based on insights.

A showcase event to discuss and share lessons from the trials.

Apply Here