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Why Digital Skills?

In today’s digitally enabled world, everyone needs digital skills.  From communicating with friends and family and to staying on top of your personal finances we all need digital skills for our everyday lives. When it comes to the workplace, digital skills are not just required for the technology sector but for all sector of the economy. Knowledge and skills around data, cyber security and software development can help make improvements to your day-to-day job, business or organisation.

We want to support individuals gain digital skills required for today’s workplace and to support businesses to become digitally enabled.

Courses & Events

DigiTay supports a range of different learning events and courses which you can see below by clicking on the different level of course you are looking for. 


Learning Events

DigiTay Learning Locations

The Tay Cities Digital Skills Project works with a number of partners based right across the Tay Cities Region. You can explore our interactive map to find out if there are courses being offered right on your doorstep, or within easy travelling distance of where you live.